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12 World Geography

12.1 Aetherius                  The continent of Aetherius.

   12.2 Cities
     12.2.1  Stavenn               The Eternal Empire of Stavenn.
     12.2.2  Kinsarmar             The Duchy of the Five Towers.
     12.2.3  Antioch               The Antiochian Protectorate.

   12.3 Councils
     12.3.1  Celidon               The Phoenix Reaches of Celidon.
     12.3.2  Khandava              The Redwood Provinces of Khandava.
     12.3.3  Ithaqua               The Conclave of the Frozen Pines.

   12.4 Townes
     12.4.1  Agirni                The Agirni Hold.  
     12.4.2  Aherindale            The Hamlet of Aherindale.
     12.4.3  Anhir                 The Village of Anhir.
     12.4.4  Aori                  The Aori Outpost.
     12.4.5  Arkaskarr             The Burrows of Arkaskarr.
     12.4.6  Dakker                The Towne of Dakker.
     12.4.7  El'Jazira             The Oasis of El'Jazira.
     12.4.8  En'Aruna              The Settlement of En'Aruna.
     12.4.9  Gadan                 The Gadan Hold.
     12.4.10 Kaark'Krazul          The Stronghold of Kaark'Krazul.
     12.4.11 Kadar                 The Valley of Kadar.
     12.4.12 Kaln                  The Village of Kaln.
     12.4.13 Kibaya                The Kibaya Tribe.
     12.4.14 Kipos                 The Kipos Commune.
     12.4.15 Mylani                The Village of Mylani.
     12.4.16 Pabin'aquinumi        The Towne of Pabin'aquinumi.
     12.4.17 Pol'Pera              The Towne of Pol'Pera.
     12.4.18 Sintcega              The Sintcega Creek.
     12.4.19 Ssyra                 The Ssyra Tribe.
     12.4.20 Tayar                 The Village of Tayar.
     12.4.21 Tirhin                The Towne of Tirhin.
     12.4.22 Trabine               The Trabine Reserve.
     12.4.23 Tylaran               The Village of Tylaran.
     12.4.24 Velin                 The Towne of Velin.
     12.4.25 Whistlerock           The Holy Land of Whistlerock.

   12.5 Forests
     12.5.1  Celidon Forest        The Celidon forests.
     12.5.2  Khandava Forest       The Khandava Forest.
     12.5.3  Egeria                The Egeria Forest.
     12.5.4  Sienna                The Sienna Forest.
     12.5.5  Reate                 A far-north coniferous forest.
     12.5.6  Ithaqua Forest        A dark and frozen forest.
     12.5.7  Nocteil               A hidden glade in the Reate forests.
     12.5.8  Aoash                 The home of the frost pixies.
     12.5.9  Mavitt                The Mavitt Woods.
     12.5.10 Animal Activists      The Animal Activists.

   12.6 Mountains and Hills
     12.6.1  Ravana                The Ravana Hills.
     12.6.2  Areish                The Areish Mountains.
     12.6.3  Graytrem              The Graytrem Hills.
     12.6.4  Paran                 The Paran Mountains.
     12.6.5  Western Nolmines      Volcanic mountains.
     12.6.6  Eastern Nolmines      The mountains southeast of Caanae.
     12.6.7  Vardarian             The mineral-rich Vardarian Highlands.
     12.6.8  Gongen                The dangerous Gongen Mountain Range.
     12.6.9  Storm Peaks           The Storm Peaks.
     12.6.10 Rockmeadow            Rockmeadow.
     12.6.11 Riksha Hills          The Riksha Hills.
     12.6.12 Mount Icecloak        The Mount Icecloak.
     12.6.13 Aisling Hills         The Aisling Hills.
     12.6.14 Feinhorn              Feinhorn Peak

   12.7 Lowlands
     12.7.1  Modin                 The Modin Valley.
     12.7.2  Heartlands            The Heartlands of Aetherius.
     12.7.3  Shaahri               The Shaahri Desert.
     12.7.4  Yhumara               The Yhumara Lake and island region.
     12.7.5  Nogba                 The Nogba Wetlands.
     12.7.6  Renfrewshire          The Renfrewshire Swamp.
     12.7.7  Dardanic              The flat, open Dardanic Prairie.
     12.7.8  Wastelands            The Barren Wastelands.
     12.7.9  Bardosi               The Bardosi Plains.
     12.7.10 Seven Lakes           The Seven Lake Basin.
     12.7.11 Adram                 The Adram Valley.
     12.7.12 Aori Bay              The Bay of Aori.
     12.7.13 Urr Grove             The Urr Grove.
     12.7.14 Rayatrem Hills        The Rayatrem Hills.
     12.7.15 Gyanis Snowfield      The Gyanis Snowfield.
     12.7.16 Ik'taru Expanse       The Ik'taru Expanse.
     12.7.17 Iahamos Bay           The Bay of Iahamos.

   12.8 Newbie Areas
     12.8.1  Aradia                A conflicted village.
     12.8.3  Batrisian             A dwarf mining community.
     12.8.4  Protectorate Camp     Encampment of the Seven Suns.
     12.8.5  Deadwood              A group of invading settlers.
     12.8.6  Lirhin Clearing       An adventure in sabotage.
     12.8.7  Lorka'ig              A group set out to destroy Kinsarmar.
     12.8.8  Theroc Encampment     A camp set out to taint the sands.
     12.8.9  Black Pines           A wilderness settlement in Ithaqua.

   12.9 Rivers              
     12.9.1  Fenash River          The Fenash River.
     12.9.2  Bors Lake             The Bors Lake.

   12.10 Highways

   12.11 Villages
     12.11.1  Caanae               The Ancient Ruins of Caanae.
     12.11.2  Alovyan Village      An isolated Amazonian village.
     12.11.3  The Kobold Village   The humble home of plain's kobolds.
     12.11.4  Blackthorne          The village of Blackthorne.
     12.11.5  Annona               The towneship of Annona.
     12.11.6  Cetara               The village of Cetara.
     12.11.7  Kragge               The village of Kragge.
     12.11.8  Trevka               The village of Trevka.

   12.12 Western Ocean             The Great Ocean.

   12.13 Underworld                The Realm of the Dead.

   12.14 Hunting Grounds
     12.14.1  Baneward Keep        Baneward Keep.
     12.14.2  Hollow               Blighted Hollow.
     12.14.3  Bloodstone           Bloodstone Quarry.
     12.14.4  Dunes                The Booming Dunes.
     12.14.5  Cinua                The Cinua Glade.
     12.14.6  Demon Stone          The Demon Stone.
     12.14.7  Eor'gahl             Eor'gahl Encampment.
     12.14.8  Festering Bog        The Festering Bog.
     12.14.9  Gongen Stronghold    The Gongen Stronghold.
     12.14.10 Ironwood Grove       An ice-capped grove.
     12.14.11 Kenuba               The Kenuba Wastes.
     12.14.12 Temple at Menanon    The Temple at Menanon.
     12.14.13 Mercenary Encampment Mercenary Encampment.
     12.14.14 Nagmara              Nagmara Slave Camp.
     12.14.15 Necropolis           The Necropolis.
     12.14.16 Cottons              The Redwood Cottons.
     12.14.17 Scourge              The Scourge Outpost.
     12.14.18 Shulgaran Dunes      The Shulgaran Dunes.
     12.14.19 Skegdald             A settlement of frost ogres.
     12.14.20 Treslein's Keep      The result of a twisted man's work.
     12.14.21 Chaparral            A Veiled Chaparral.
     12.14.22 Waelin Bog           Waelin Bog.
     12.14.23 Zh'serurn            The Zh'serurn Outpost.
     12.14.24 Iaat Valley          The Iaat Valley and Crevonix Tower.
     12.14.25 K'teire              The Wreck of K'teire.
     12.14.26 Erorag               The Ogre Fort, Erorag.
     12.14.27 Northern Breach      The Northern Breach.
     12.14.28 Transk               A northern village.
     12.14.29 Schrov'ik            The Horde City.
     12.14.30 Ancient Grove        The Ancient Grove.
     12.14.31 Demon's Pass         Demon's Pass.

   12.15 Points of Interest
     12.15.1  Eleuni               University of Eleuni Skye.
     12.15.2  Mount Icecloak       An isolated peak of Northreach.
     12.15.3  L'Lyra               A small Bardosi village.
     12.15.4  Aryana's Spring      The Spring of Life.
     12.15.5  Great Rock           The crater.
     12.15.6  Lalwan Eryn          The Lalwan Eryn.
     12.15.7  Reflection Temple    The Temple of Reflection.
     12.15.8  Eglondes Gecnawing   The Academia Sylvalis.
     12.15.9  Kryx'lyre Caverns    The Kryx'lyre Caverns.
     12.15.10 Borahn               The Borahn Homestead.
     12.15.11 Alekmanhala          Alekmanhala's Lair.
     12.15.12 Khuno Acropolis      The Khuno Acropolis.
     12.15.13 Barnack Farm         The Barnack Farm.
     12.15.14 Living Mountain      The Living Mountain.

   12.16 Caves and Caverns
     12.16.1  Catacombs            Baneward Catacombs.
     12.16.2  Dregs                The Dregs.
     12.16.3  Macabre              The Macabre Tunnels.
     12.16.4  Ravana Gorge         The Ravana Gorge.
     12.16.5  Redcap Caverns       The Redcap Caverns.
     12.16.6  Vorrak Mines         The Vorrak Mines.
     12.16.7  Anaelith             The Anaelith Caverns.
     12.16.8  Chorsha              The Chorsha Underground.
     12.16.9  Gongen Mines         The Gongen Mines.

   12.17 Islands
     12.17.1 Isle of Llus          The Isle of Llus.