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8.1 What is a Guild?

 A guild is a formal organization of players bound together by an ideology. Along with this generally comes a guild house for the guild members to relax and study in, as well as a hierarchy within the guild. Examples of guilds are Axioun, Idras, or Vindicators. For a list of guilds, type HELP GUILDS.

A guild has a number of positions associated with it. These are:

- The elected head of the guild. Appoints the Secretaries. (see HELP GUILDMASTER)

- Appointed by the Guildmaster, a Secretary has almost all the powers of a Guildmaster. More than one secretary position may exist. (see HELP SECRETARY)

For a directory of more guild-related help files, type HELP 8 (for section 8 of the help files). GUILDSYSTEM is particularly recommended.