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5.1.3 Learning Skills

To raise your skills and thus gain more abilities, you will need to find a tutor and learn from him or her. A tutor could be a player or an NPC (non-player-character).

You can recall how many lessons you have by typing STAT or STATUS. The command LESSONS will show how many lesson you have expanded in your skills. 

There are two types of tutors: NPC(Non-player-characters) and players. 

Each guild, city and council in Imperian has at least one tutor, generally found in the library. This is a being of some sort that only members of your guild/city/council may learn from. 

The other method of learning is learning from another player. The player you are learning from must have the same skill that you want to learn, and he must have the skill at a higher level than you. It's worth pointing out that the player you are learning from benefits slightly from teaching you, too. 

You may also offer to teach another player a skill by typing TEACH <lessons> <skill> <player>.

When learning a skill it is instant, with a six (6) second equilibrium cost. The following are a list of ways you can learn after finding a tutor:

   LEARN <skill> FROM <tutor>

This will have you learn just enough lessons to the next skillrank. (This does not work on skills that have no abilities, IE Evasion and miniskills).

   LEARN <lessons> <skill> FROM <tutor>

This will let you learn a certain amount of lessons towards the skill. The base max is 200 from both players and tutors. You may learn up to 233 lessons at a time from a mentor. The second level Moradeim attunement (AB SHARDS MORADEIM ATTUNEMENT) will triple this amount.

   LEARN <skill> / LEARN <lessons> <skill>

If you are in the room with an NPC it does not require you to use their name, this will automatically start a lesson with them.