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2.3 Inventory

The word INVENTORY in Imperian is most commonly used to refer to the items that
a player or mobile is carrying, wielding, or wearing. There are two ways to
see what is in your inventory.

1) The INVENTORY (or just INV) command. This will show you a list of what is
in your inventory.

2) If you wish to see a more detailed list, including the numbers for each
item, type INFO INV (or just II).

3) If you'd like to see a detailed list of only certain types of items,
try INFO INV <something>. For instance, INFO INV SWORD will show you all
the various swords you are carrying. (For those of you who absolutely
need backup weaponry.)

There are quite a few ways that other players can make you drop, or can steal
items from your inventory. Putting a fist-shaped sigil on that item will
ensure that your grip on it will be too tight to lose it with many methods.
See HELP SIGILS for more information.

4) You can also use special keywords to filter your inventory by:

   II HELD          - Show only held items.
   II WORN          - Show only worn items.
   II PROMO         - Show only promo items (as per PROMO LIST).
   II ARTIFACT      - Show only artifacts (and not promo items).
   II ASSEMBLYPIECE - Show only assembly pieces.

CONFIG INVENTORYPROMO also lets you show or hide promo items in your inventory.


In addition, there are special inventories for certain vanity items as well.

See the familiars you own in a simplified list. HELP FAMILIARS contains more information about familiars and how to use them.

See the vanity pets you own in a simplified list. HELP VANITY PETS contains more information about vanity pets and how to use them.

See the dolls you own in a simplified list. HELP DOLLS contains more information about dolls and how to use them.