Game Help

Imperian has hundreds of help files to help you learn more about the game and how to play.

4.8 The Status Command

The STATUS command gives you some further information on the status of  
your character. Below is a sample output of the status command.         

You are essentially naked, and utterly satiated.
You do not need sleep.
You are sober and in control.
You are an enemy of: Antioch.
You have 54 lessons, 117 Credits and 10 Bound Credits.
You have played for a total of 1 day, 12 hours and 11 minutes.
You have 17 Godly rescues left. Type PORTALS to instantly return to a   
room full of portals to useful places.                                  
You have not set a warcry. Type SET WARCRY to see how to set it.

The first line tells you both how clothed (and thus protected against   
the cold) you are, and if you are hungry or not. This poor player,      
though well-fed, is wandering around completely naked!                  

The following line tells you how sleepy you are. This player is rested  
and doesn't need sleep currently.                                       

The next line informs you that you are, thankfully, sober and in        
control. If you have been partaking of beer, ale, whiskey, wine or the  
other forms of alcohol available, this line will tell you how drunk you 
are (see HELP DRINKING).                                                

The line that begins, 'You are an enemy of:' informs you which cities,  
if any, you are an official enemy of.                                   

The next line tells you how many lessons you currently have. Lessons are
used to raise your skills and gain new spells and powers. HELP LESSONS  
will tell you about lessons. It also tells you how many Credits and     
Bound Credits you have, if any. HELP CREDITS will explain more about    

The next line is fairly self-explanatory. It shows you how much         
cumulative, real-time, you have spent in Imperian.                      

The following line shows you, if you are under level 20, how many Godly 
rescues you have left. A rescue is a free 'teleport' you can use when   
lost to return to the PORTALS, which has exits to many important        

Finally there is a line referring to your warcry. If you have no warcry,
as this player does, then typing SET WARCRY <your warcry> will create   
one. After you've done this, typing WARCRY as you rush into battle would
be appropriate.