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4.3.25 The Gargoyle

The families of the miners who worked the Great Mountain lived in the shadows of the rocks, staying close to the base in a small village. When the Rays shone brightly upon the mountain it shifted the miners into the ryadai and xiur, leaving those at the base to shift into something else entirely. They slowly made their way through the mountain as the war raged on between the opposing races, healing the sick, and caring for the weak. It wasn't until the asuwan made their way to the mountain that they decided to step from the shadows, revealing themselves to the world.

They have Stone-like skin that covers their bodies, giving them the ability to protect themselves from their enemies. Their forms are malleable, often taking on the visage of angels, demons, or monstrous humanoids in order to blend in with those around them.

Racial skills:

- Flight
  Has the ability to fly around with the FLY command.
- Heaviness
  Has a natural mass defense via the INCREASE MASS command.
- Stone Wings
  Can use the command RAISE WINGS to create a translucent shield.
- Beat
  Can use their powerful wings to push someone away. BEAT WINGS AT <player> <dir>

Languages: Common, Ather, Gargoyle