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4.3.27 The Araeca

Humanoid in shape and size, the araeca were shaped in the rays of Moradeim within the flames of the core from their brothers the scorched. Their bodies take on the shape of an avian creature, however, they are consumed by an ever burning flame that is their life force. Their wings span out as fire licks at their vibrant red, yellow, and orange feathers. An elongated beak allows them to tear away at the flesh of their enemies, or break through molten rock. Their hands and feet are 
tipped in talons, making it easier to hunt down their prey.

Racial skills:

- Fire Resistance
  Has a 50% resistance to damage from rooms that are on fire.
- Flight
  Has the ability to fly around with the FLY command.
- Smother
  Can SMOTHER rooms that are on fire
- Nightsight
  Can see in normal darkness with the command NIGHTSIGHT.

Languages: Common, Feur