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4.3.15 The Minotaur

Born within the darkness of the earth, minotaurs generally shy from the 
bright lights of the seven suns. Their bull-like forms are topped with sharpened
horns and a short stout nose, allowing them to survive within caves of the 
world. Their race has been locked away in the ground itself, until Christof 
discovered their power within an ancestral stone, releasing them onto the world.

Racial skills:

- Heaviness
  Has a natural mass defense via the INCREASE MASS command.
- Burrowing
  Can burrow though many environments with the BURROW DOWN, BURROW <direction>, BURROW ABOVE commands.
- Barge
  Can BARGE <player> <direction> to knock the player from the room. You must 
start in an adjacent room.
- Gore
  Wound your foes with your deadly horns. GORE <player>.

Languages: Common, Erdan, Minotaur