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4.3.29 The Choboti

Humanoid in shape, the choboti are covered in a nearly translucent flesh that allows them to withstand the rough terrain of salt water that makes up their natural habitat. Unlike their cousins, the octopus, they only have two legs and two arms, however, their faces are covered in tentacles, some smaller and thinner in size, while others are thicker and longer. A small and sharp beak makes up their mouth, allowing them to tear into the toughest oyster or shelled aquatic creature for sustenance. Their eyes are rather large, compared to most humanoids, allowing them see a great distance underwater.

Racial skills:

- Water Breathing
  Can naturally breathe underwater.
- Ink Spit
  As an innate skill to spit ink at enemies. SPIT INK AT <player>. Can target enemies in the same or 
adjacent rooms.
- Carrion eater
  Allows you to eat raw corpses.
- Natural swimmer
  You can swim without the fear of drowning, and faster than the other races.

Languages: Common, Aquan