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4.3.17 The Arel

Much like Seraphs that protect Priests and Templars, the arel race is bound to a holy power. Massive wings span out from their back, while their bodies take on a radiant form. When some of their race were corrupted by pure hatred they became natural enemies of their brother race, the fallen. After Christof released the ancestral stones holding their race, some have retained their purity, while others became tainted with various forms of magick.

Racial skills:

- Mana Regeneration
  Is constantly regenerating mana
- Alertness
  Be notified whenever someone moves into any adjacent room. Usage: ALERTNESS 
- Heal
  Can heal a small amount of health to another player with the HEAL <player>
- Flight
  Has the ability to fly around with the FLY command.

Languages: Common, Elan