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4.3.24 The Vyurdrag

The agile salamander takes on a human-like form in the vyurdrag. Their oily skin helps them catch fire at will, giving them protection against their larger predators. Their amphibious eyes grant them an extra set of lids, allowing them to see even within the darkest of caves; while a fire-touched tongue keeps their body heated. Their race had long been lost until Christof discovered their power within an ancestral stone, releasing them into the world.

Racial Skills:

- Nightsight
  Can see in normal darkness with the command NIGHTSIGHT.
- Fire Breath
  Can BREATHE FIRE AT <player|ground|icewall> for a variety of effects.
- Burning Skin
  Can IGNITE SKIN once every 60 seconds to burn off webs and ropes.
- Hot Breath
  Can keep pipes permanently lit with its burning breath.

Languages: Common, Feur, Vyurdrag