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12.14.6 Demon Stone

In the frozen tundra of the north, a broken landscape of jutting rocks  
and crags and deep scratches in the earth surrounds a pitch black pillar
of stone. From this stone raditates the taint of twisted magick,        
constantly luring passerbys to its lair by the barely heard murmurs of  
power it echoes. The stone itself appears as ebon granite from a        
distance, upon closer inspection it seems to be filled with a constantly
moving oily smoke. Formed in the third age, the stone is the solidified 
remains of demons whom fled from the battle of Kinsarmar. Their weakened
bodies unable to cope with the harsh environment, true madness set into
the creatures and they tore each other asunder. The malice and energy   
released was captured within a block of ice formed by the drying blood  
of the demons. Over the years it continued to draw in energies from     
nearby, feeding off not only the life of those animals that came close  
enough to its sanctum, but upon the energies released when surges       
coursed through the Gyanis.