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4.3.26 The Scorched

The thick flesh of a scorched is coated with a thin, oily substance that allows their bodies to withstand the inferno that constantly rages over their form. The ever-burning flames allow one to heal within the confines of fire, but makes them exceptionally vulnerable to the chill of winter. Their race had long been lost until Christof discovered their power within an ancestral stone, releasing them into the world.

Racial Skills:

- Fire Resistance
  Has a 50% resistance to damage from rooms that are on fire.
- Burning Skin
  Can IGNITE SKIN once every 60 seconds to burn off webs and ropes.
- Smother
  Can SMOTHER rooms that are on fire
- Combustion
  Can COMBUST when they die, causing them to regenerate in an adjacent room.

Languages: Common, Feur