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4.3.28 The Evythi

The humanoids that retreated into the Northern Glades were morphed into a stag and fawn race, creating the evythi. Their tall and willowy forms are protected in a smooth fur, allowing them to withstand some colder climates. Their long arms and legs are tipped in hoof-covered hands and feet, giving them access to rougher terrain with ease. Their heads are generally topped with antlers, granting them protection against their enemies.

Racial skills:

- Forest Regeneration
  Increased health regeneration in the forests.
- Infravision
  Infravision lets you see in the dark.
- Harvesting bonus
  Allows you to harvest 10% more plants.
- Dash
  Allows you to sprint quickly in a chosen direction. Usage: DASH <direction>.

Languages: Common, Erdan