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4.9 Death

Death in Imperian is not a permanent thing. It does not cause you to lose experience or items (barring some exceptions), and it isn't something to overly panic about. There are multiple methods of returning to life.

When you die, your spirit will be sent to the Underworld. Charon, the Guardian of Souls, will bring you back to the world of the living if you REQUEST PASSAGE TO <destination> from him. The list of destinations that you can choose from will be displayed in Charon's room when you arrive there.

After you have died and returned to the living realm, you will be "walking in the grace of the Gods". Typing STAT will show you this, and typing GRACED will show you everyone who is online who walks in grace. What this conditions means is that you can neither perform offensive abilities or be hurt by them. This state will last for only about two minutes, unless you are below the Overall Level of 21, in which case it will be semi-permanent.

When you have gathered yourself together and are ready to embrace life fully again, type RENOUNCE GRACE. Fear not though, the Gods will not be upset by this.