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14.6 Fishing

Aside from selling rats, one may make a living in Imperian through
fishing. There are several commands one must learn before they can begin
fishing. To begin with you will need a fishing pole and bait. A man near
Lake Ildsam, by the name of Ivran will sell you both.

BAIT POLE or BAIT POLE WITH <shrimp|grub|worm>
  This will take a single piece of bait and hook it to your pole. 
  You must have bait on your line if you are going to catch any fish. 
  Different bait will have different results in different areas.

  You must cast your line to an adjacent water room. It must be a 
  natural room, as fish do not live in magickally created water.

  As your line rests in the water, you may notice a fish will strike 
  it. If this happens you must try to hook it.

  Once you have caught a fish, you must try to reel it in. Be warned,
  bigger fish can pull you in.

  Too big to land? Need to meet someone? Better release that fish then.

SELL FISH TO <person>
  This will sell any fish you have to someone who buys fish. Fish tend 
  to be rather tasty, and will fetch a fair price per pound. 
  Significantly better than rats, to be sure. It is said the mighty 
  swordfish fetches over 1000 gold!

  See who has caught the biggest fish with this command! If you add 
  a players name to the end of the command you can also see their 
  personal records.

Another thing to note, fish differ from fresh to saltwater.