Game Help

Imperian has hundreds of help files to help you learn more about the game and how to play.


   15.1  Policysummary    Summary of Imperian's policies.
   15.2  Underage         What we expect in the way of maturity.
   15.3  Seconds          The rules of second characters.
   15.4  Multiplaying     The rules for multiplaying.
   15.5  Playerkilling    Guidelines for killing other players.
   15.6  Honour           Guidelines for acceptable behavior.
   15.7  Roleplaying      Read about roleplaying in Imperian.
     15.7.1 Channel       Imperian's Roleplaying Request Channel
   15.8  Spamming         Rules pertaining to spamming.
   15.9  Charactersharing Sharing characters is strictly forbidden.
   15.10 Triggers         Our policy on triggers and automation.
   15.11 Harassment       Just say no!
   15.12 AFK              Going Away-From-Keyboard.
   15.13 Languagerules    Don't offend people with obnoxious language.
   15.14 OOC              The OOC disease.