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4.3.30 The Arothi

When the fall of Caanae forced the human race to scatter, those who became the arothi took to high ground, living along cliffs and the canopies of the highest trees. As the rays of Moradeim graced their flesh, they began to morph into eagle-like humans, allowing them to take to the skies. Their arms and legs are covered in short fur and feathers, while their mighty wings are made of plush feathers. A beak makes up their mouth and nose; this, coupled with their talon-like feet, allow them to swoop in on unsuspecting prey.

Racial skills:

- Flight
  Has the ability to fly around with the FLY command.
- Beat
  Can use their powerful wings to push someone away. BEAT WINGS AT <player> <dir>
- Alertness
  Be notified whenever someone moves into any adjacent room. Usage: ALERTNESS ON/OFF.
- Levitation
  Can use the LEVITATE command.

Languages: Common, Ather