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12.14.9 The Gongen Stronghold

After the Horde was first defeated and driven back to their Mountain    
villages, the Orc council, together with Mages and the remaining Horde  
generals vowed to rebuild their defenses and to plan future attacks.    
Although they realized their battles were significant and struck fear   
into the hearts of the lowland mortals, their bitterness at being forced
back from the rich lowlands, and the riches found there, made them vow  
retribution. The orc generals were angry for having lost the            
territories, which were important for the preservation for their race.  
They cursed themselves for not having enough well trained soldiers and  
reinforcements. The mages were incensed because their magicks were      
defeated by the various guardians and mortals intent of destroying their
evil ways. Moreover, the Orc Council was enraged that they              
underestimated those races from the lowlands that they considered lesser

The Orc mages approached the Horde Generals with a plan that would bring
great suffering to the lowland mortals. After an agreement was reached, 
the Mages and Generals approached the Orc Council with their proposal.  
Many sleepless nights passed until a new plan was created. Sacrifices   
were given to the Orc gods, and after all the oracles were consulted,   
the Council heard the proposal. In order to destroy the mortals of the  
lowlands, they agreed with the Mages and Generals to three undertakings.
They must build a mountain Stronghold within the side of the Gongen     
Range. The must select the strongest orc males and females to create a  
new orc breed, and they must train the armies to be stronger and        
discipline the soliders so they would not be driven back by the lesser  
races (as they considered those of the cities and councils).            

The mages promised the council that they would consult their oracles and
gods to discover which families provided the best bloodlines. The       
Generals agreed that they would wait until the mages began the          
interbreeding so they could raise the new orc youth and train the new   
army, and the Council pledged to fund the endeavor to the fullest by    
building the Gongen Stronghold to house the new population.             

Decades passed as the mages, along with orc midwives and the information
from the oracles, created the new breed. Other more inventive mages     
decided to attempt to crossbreed various races in order to assist with  
defeating the disgusting lowlanders. The majority of the orc populace   
was enlisted to begin construction of the Stronghold, Some of the army?s
remaining minor soldiers were pressed into service as Slavers and they  
crossed the continent capturing any mortal who was ignorant enough to   
cross their path. Those who would not come willingly were beaten unto   
submission and taken in slave gangs to the Stronghold. The orcs cut the 
slaves? tongues out so they could not plan escapes or to rise up against
them. After many years, the subsequent generations forgot the evil      
inflicted on their ancestors and they became loyal servants within the  
Gongen Stronghold.