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12.14.3 Bloodstone Quarry

Bloodstone Quarry is a recessed semi-circle of cliffs and crags, all    
stained the same crimson hue as the surrounding terrain. However, unlike
the muted unease of the Bloodsands, Bloodstone Quarry has a darkly      
bustling feel, with a real purpose evident in its very landscape. The   
rock itself seems to pulse beneath one's feet, rather like the beating  
of a wicked heart, while an oppressive warmth is more akin to the       
climate of Dis than that of any desert.                                 

Though one can only guess at the reasons for the Quarrys existence, it  
is clear that much ado is made over the harvesting of the stone of the  
area itself, with many dark and ominous spectres fleeting on the edge of
ones vision, presiding over the work. Various scripts and etchings are  
evident in many areas of the Quarry, bringing to mind dark and tainted  
imagery of perhaps the demon plane.                                     

Something in the way the light reflects and refracts within the Quarry  
is distinctly unsettling. Perhaps it is the hue of the stone or the tint
of the sky. Or perhaps it is something deeper and darker, threatening   
the very nature of mortality itself? One never knows, in Bloodstone