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12.3.1 Celidon

A century after the settlement of the Council of Khandava brought restlessness among the people, their souls always touched by the Wild Spirit that watches closely over Nature. The Hunters guild had found refuge in the great Council along the side of their Arboreal cousins, and the Khandava soon felt crowded from the successful growth of their community. 

Felan Virs, a descendant of Lyria, the first lycaean and one of Khandava's greatest leaders, organized a faction of residents that longed for a new home of their own. They packed their meager belongings and bid farewell to their friends and loved ones before journeying to find new lands. After trudging through the dangerous mountains and vast grasslands, they came upon a massive forest. The beautiful nymphs that roamed the forest befriended the great warrior and shared with him the name of this place, the Celidon Forest. As Felan urged his companion forward, they explored further until they came upon a peak of rock worn from time and weather, and the perfect cavernous home for the wandering souls. This place rising majestically from within the forest is Phoenix Crest, named for the dazzling display of the setting sun's blazing light that reflects from its stone surface.