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12.7.13 Urr Grove

Urr Grove is a tiny patch of land off the Eastern Nolmine Mountains. Its proximity to swamp land has made the grove increasingly fertile and lush. 

Centuries ago, two Arboreal sisters stumbled upon the grove and found shelter there during a storm. During the wild winds it is said that the trees bent over to protect the two girls, and when it ended, the sisters felt eternally grateful towards the land around them and vowed to protect it and care for it. They continued to live there and help the grove flourish further, using their magicks to tend to it. 

It is said that the fountain in the center of the grove has special magickal properties, and that it has aided the sisters in remaining young and beautiful ever since. In these most modern days, it is primarily home to quiet and gentle forest creatures. Butterflies also have a special fondness for the area, and a butterfly collector and researcher has made his home in the grove alongside them.