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12.13 The Underworld

The Underworld is where the spirit goes when its link is severed from the body. In the past, it was possible to visit the city of Dis, where souls would perform tasks to gain tokens with which to pay Charon for passage upon his raft back to the world of the living.

Since the Legion was released and has taken over the Underworld, Charon now rests at the edge of the river, rescuing souls from the Legion's gullet.

Charon set out to find a way to help take care of the Legion, asking many dead historical figures to assist. The Underworld has been reopened, however one must attune their soul first by visiting Charon's alternate form within the world of the living, Achron, who rests in the Eastern Nolmines.

Once your soul has been attuned, you may enter the Underworld through Aryana's Spring by DROWNing within the waters. Just go to the Spring and DROWN IN SPRING.

Once you are within the Underworld you can fight the spirits and souls that are overtaking each city and council. This takes a lot of strength, and is not for the weak.

Fighting the historical leaders takes yet more strength; you will want to gather charms for each city and council. These charms can be found within beasts in the Prime Material Plane. Look for these charms from strong beasts above.

Camels: Antioch
Direwolves: Ithaqua
Phoenix eggs: Celidon
Towers: Kinsarmar
Skulls: Stavenn
Roots: Khandava
Fountains: Caanae

When you are ready to leave the Underworld you will need to find a graveyard for your city or council and DIG GRAVE. If you do not belong to a city or council you can use the one within Caanae.

Graveyards in the Underworld:

Antioch: A shrine to the living
Ithaqua: A forgotten burial site
Celidon: A battered crypt
Kinsarmar: A solemn graveyard
Stavenn: A vine-choked crypt
Khandava: A desolate grove of bones
Caanae: A dim, withering garden