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12.14.15 The Necropolis

The black pyramid of Necropolis appeared in the year 15 AD, lorded over 
by a necromancer named Lhortae. After waging war with the armies of     
Antioch, the entirety of Lhortaes army was defeated, or so it seemed.   
With great effort the city of Antioch buried all the dead in the pyramid
and watched in horror as it magickally sank beneath the desert sands.   

Five hundred years went by, silence and peace prevailing over the       
western Shaahri desert as Lhortae stirred beneath in his pyramid.       
Several years ago, the pyramid finally emerged from the sands in a blaze
of death and vengeance. It is believed that Lhortae was once again       
killed, yet is it possible to kill the body of a lich without destroying
the item the holds his soul? Will Lhortae return to once again seek     
vengeance upon those of the sands?