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12.16.7 The Anaelith Caverns

Running underneath several areas of Aetherius, the Anaelith caverns are home to
several unique creatures. In the western reaches are boiling sulphur springs,
home to both the almost invisible sulphur wraiths, and several species of snake
which have adapted to the thick air. The eastern expanse is mostly flooded by a
break in a river, and houses various forms of aquatic life, ranging from small
fish to an enormous squid.

Currently Abraxan, the Adventurer, is investigating the area, and can be found
in one of the 'pockets' of air, leading to ruins of an unknown cult. Several
entrances can be found to the Caverns, primarily the one being in the
heartlands, but also through underwater streams from one of the rivers, and is
rumoured to also link to the Egeria forest. Cave-ins are frequent, so the true
extent of the area is unknown and more may be revealed or lost over time.