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12.14.4 the Booming Dunes

The Booming Dunes of the western Shaahri Desert are a sea of great waves
of soft sand, dotted with islands of desert hardpan on which grow tall, 
many-armed cacti. The dunes are often rocked by bursts of gasses        
escaping from some underground source, blowing sand dozens of feet into 
the air as they explode forth with a mighty sound, hence the name,      
Booming Dunes. The dunes are home to many creatures of hardy nature,    
adapted to the harsh desert climate. The usual hyenas, vultures, desert 
foxes, and smaller rodents, cactus wrens, and other desert fauna may be 
found, as well as many types of serpent. Rumor holds that a system of   
caverns holds the communal nesting grounds of the Shaahri monitor       
lizards, which are said to hold a well-hidden treasure.