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12.11.3 The Kobold Village

Hidden away in the foothills of the Areish mountains is a small settlement
occupied by strange creatures known as the Kobolds. Although their precise
origins remain a mystery, the Kobolds believe that they are descendents of the
very spirits of the hills, shaped into physical form during the Breaking.
Hidden away from the civilized world for many centuries, the Kobolds have
developed into a quiet community which is nevertheless prone to practical jokes
and tricks - especially among the young. Understanding little of politics or
civilized strife, the Kobolds tend to be friendly to other races as long as
their goat herds remain undisturbed and their hills remain unsullied. However,
an unwary traveler would be well-advised to walk carefully in the settlement,
for they may encounter a few surprises - from the carefully hidden pranks of
the local youths to the strange results of the local Shaman's experiments.