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12.7.4 Yhumara Lake

Yhumara is a Lake nestled in what was once Dun Valley, surrounded by
the peaks of the Areish. Alekmanhala, the Prince of Flames made his
home in the volcano in the centre, and through manipulation of
powerful magick caused the volcano to erupt killing every living
creature there. For months lava poured into the valley, making it
inhospitable for all life.

The disturbance caught the attention of Lianthe, Lady of the Waters
who detected the unnatural eruption would destroy a delicate balance
in Nature. She caused the valley to flood in order to put an end to
the lava's destruction as well as to seal Alekmanhala in the volcano,
making it his prison.

Lake Yhumara and the islands that surround the volcano is now the home
to several creatures brought there by Lady Lianthe to restore the