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16.6.3 The Demonic Realm

Little is known concerning the demon realm. Some say that when the Creator formed the physical realms He refined the matter, discarding anything He found impure. This discarded matter amassed opposite the physical realm, creating the demon realm.

If you imagine the physical world running parallel to the spiritual world, then the demon realm lies opposite the physical realm, with the spiritual realm laying between them.

The relationship of these realms brings many theories to mind. If we, as mortals, are connected to the spiritual realm through our spiritual selves, are the creatures which inhabit the demon realm also connected to the spiritual realm? Is it possible that a demonic creature and a physical creature are connected to each other through sharing the same spirit? any philosophers believe so and call this self-demon the 'Tisnaag', 'mirror self', or doppleganger.

One would think all demons have spirits, but this is not true. Most demons have no spirit, existing as golems with a single purpose. It is believed that greater demons do have spirits. This union of body and spirit creates a powerful combination, just as it does in mortals, allowing the demon to gain vast intelligence, to learn, and to progress.

What is unknown is how these demons gain their spirits. Are they mortals who travel to the demon realm and are consumed? Were they mortals who gifted their spirits to demons? Did the demon travel to the spiritual realm and forcefully take control of a spirit? However it is done, the combination creates a powerful, dangerous creature.