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12.8.4 The Protectorate Camp

Ironically founded in the Ravana Hills, under the cover of darkness,    
this Protectorate of the Suns is a small task force appointed to an     
Antioch nobleman named, Vheissu Aran, to destroy the magickers in the   
southern hills, namely by Stavenn. Vheissu is a corrupt and greedy man  
who wears a mask of religious fervour. All those serving in the camp are
young, likely conscripted from the townes of Antioch, or the city       
itself. They are horribly under supplied, as Vheissu keeps all the gold 
donated for himself, unbeknownst to any but himself and a trusted       
lieutenant. With many brainwashed teens believing they are doing Lord   
Baar's will, one man, a Diavlous from the Imperialite, long thought     
dead, makes his presence known in the fight to ensure the Empire's will 
over that of the Suns.