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12.7.14 Rayatem hills

Set in a gently rolling valley, Rayatem Hills can be found off the northeastern fringes of the Dardanic Grasslands and before the demon-infested hillside of Demon's Pass. A small sidhe family has owned this plot of fertile land for decades, creating a prosperous Vineyard and Winery within the last several centuries.

Once a quiet hobby farm for the family, the increased traffic through the flourishing vineyards towards Demon's Pass has brought more notice and customers to the area. While they may be originally attracted to the winery due to its location, the delicious beverages which are brewed everyday within its cellars are the reasons that people continue to shop there. 

A peaceful and beautiful area to be enjoyed by all, the Vineyards at Rayatem Hills grows supple grapes and produces the finest wine in all Aetherius to enjoy.