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18.4 The seven suns of Aetherius

Seven suns circle Aetherius, each dominating the sky in their own light. It was once believed that the suns denoted something about the tone and events of current times. For instance, as Aetherius' modern times came into being 'Ab was the most prevalent sun seen in the skies. 

During the demon incursion Ki rose to warn the creatures of Aetherius of the impending doom ahead, but in the year 570 AD something went terribly wrong. It was then that Lady Nemesis and Her followers overtook the sun, turning it into Argum which now roams the sky. For more information on this event you can READNEWS EVENTS 114, 115, and 116.

The name of the seven suns are as follows:

Argum, Arviz, Dom, Kabr, Ofr, 'Ab, and Zhov