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12.8.8 Theroc Encampment

When the Antiochians split from Stavenn and began their long journey to the Shaahri desert in 300 AA, a medium sized force of Stavennite soldiers eagerly stalked the pilgrims as they made their way through the sandstorms. The Stavennite army soon lost track of their prey and ended up wandering the desert for many months, until they happened along a small oasis. The leader of the army decided that they were too far lost, so they made camp around the oasis with plans to launch attacks against the Antiochians and their city. As they attempted to build a stable environment to survive in, they began to feel the desert rejecting their use of Magick and it became nearly impossible to control.

In Antioch, there had been rumors of citizens going out into the desert and disappearing, so a small band disguised themselves as bandits to investigate. They found Theroc Encampment crawling with their sworn enemy, and vowed to defend their home and rid the desert of the vile demoners.