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12.14.26 Erorag

In the southeastern mountain side of the Eastern Nolmine Heights, just northwest from Urr Grove, is one of the oldest ogre forts in Aetherius. This fort was built to be a military stronghold in an urban setting for the Horde, with its massive towers and walls which surround the village.

Unfortunately, the once mighty Chur fell to the Western World with help from Gordul. The mighty ogre's corpse now hangs from the central tower, his death a constant reminder to the Eastern Horde just how weak their cast-out brothers were.

It is here that Tanjin Kaark'Goron, the Horde Commander, decided to set up his stronghold. The once open skyline of the fort has been fitted with a massive catapult, creating quite the threat to the people of the West.

It is from this catapult that Tanjin was able to fight against the Western World's own army, dealing a great deal of damage to them. Unfortunately, the same happened to Erorag, as they were able to destroy Tanjin's weapon.

Tanjin will never give up, from Erorag he is able to communicate with the Eastern Horde easily, allowing him to continually bring forth more of the Eastern army to take over the West.