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12.15.1 ELEUNI

In Aequitas of 531 AD, the elemental guardians of Eleuni Skye approached representatives of Stavenn, Celidon, Kinsarmar and Khandava, with a riddle to be solved. Once answered, they were led to the university, high above Aetherius. The university had a new caretaker, the head priest Akash, who felt that the school had been hidden for too long. It was then that Akash implored of all gathered for knowledge from the libraries of the realms to replace the University's, claiming that now that the University was open to the world, it was a brilliant opportunity for everyone involved.

Many distrusted Akash while others wished to take advantage of this tremendous opportunity. It was not long before the new terrain was viewed as a potential risk, and Akash quickly caved to outside pressure, banning all magickal defenses in the area. This led The Four, the elemental caretakers of the university, to act. Gathering a small group of trusted individuals, they led the magickal community in a series of rituals to restore the university to its proper place, dispelling the influence of the false leader, Akash.

After much effort, and many individual conflicts with members of the Demonic circle whom sought to block the completion of the rituals, the trusted were led by The Four and a mad priest to replace Akash with the true leader of the university - the very priest that had aided them. The university is now open to all, though the elemental wings and its hidden library remain restricted to those members of the circle that aided in its freedom.

High above the Feinhorn, the University of Eleuni Skye is made up of a central library, surrounded by four wings - one each for the elements of Fire, Water, Earth and Air. These wings carry the attributes of their element; a desert under constant sandstorm, a river, a mountain and a vast plateau at the peak of a mountain span artificially about the university, connected only through a set of magickal bindings.