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12.15.8 The Academia Sylvalis

For almost two millennia, the pinnacle of mortal achievement that was the 
Academia Sylvalis was thought lost, ruined by the Horde's sacking of Caanae. 
In 457 AD, the mortals of Aetherius rediscovered their lost heritage when
Danaglas, the Essence of Consciousness, encouraged them to push aside the
illusions that had plagued them for so many years.

It now resides upon a island termed the "Eglondes Gecnawing" by its denizens, 
little more than a mountain jutting out of the sea. Preserved in bodies of 
crystal, the researchers, scholars, and artists of the Academia continue 
their explorations into the nature of the world, no longer burdened by the 
constraints of the body or time.