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12.15.6 Lalwan Eryn - The Sacred Elmwood

In the year 108 AA, a colony was formed within a secret portion of the Egeria
Forest by an assembly of scholars and naturalists. They, the remaining members
of the Academia Sylvalis, compiled their research in this Sacred Elmwood, as
well as the basics of geography and earth magick. They directed much of their
work to restoring the ruined earth, which had been left tarnished and broken by
the destructiveness of the Horde.

These ancient people of the earth, these Arboreals, existed for many decades,
lovingly nurturing the plants and animals and healing those who would cross
their path. They curiously began to notice that no one was growing old after
awhile and as the generations continued the Sylayan race became more defined
among these lovers of Nature. When the Sylayan language came into its own, the
name of the village became 'Lalwan Eryn', which was the equivalent of the
Sacred Elmwood in the elvish tongue.

During one of their earth rituals, they were brought to a strange grove, which
appeared to be the remains of an old temple or shrine. Much confusion was
brought about by this area, as it was consistently unstable within the Plane,
and many laws of Nature were often superimposed upon by some unknown force. The
Arboreals found they were able to harness the power of the strange Primordial
Grove enough for one Arboreal named Erulehto to be able to imprint it as his
own personal grove. This union between Nature and Mortal was the first, and
from it great powers - presumably the early skills with groves and the bonding
with the spirits of animals - were attained by the forestals.

In their explorations, the Arboreals found Khandava Forest to have a high
concentration of natural magick, and thought it would be a more suitable
location to continue their research of Groves, Concoctions, and Bonding. A few
did not wish to relocate, and wished to stay behind in the safe, protected
Lalwan Eryn, where they could preserve the remainder of the Academia Sylvalis
and Arboreal histories. In the year 1 AD, amidst the panic caused by the red
moon Sukhder, the Arboreals of the Eryn created a barrier that cloaked the Eryn
from view. The trees around the village grew closer and the undergrowth
thickened, effectively blocking all outside interactions.

It was not until recently did the leadership of the Lalwan Eryn permit the
barrier from being removed. Today, the Lalwan Eryn is a welcoming place for
travelers, its favorable location and temperate climate ideal to rest in. Along
with the remains of the early Sylayan architecture and Arboreal secrets, a
successful brewery and tavern makes its home here.