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12.16.8 The Chorsha Underground

North of the Vardarians and down a dank shaft is the Chorsha Underground, a place where the wise traveler will bring a lamp to light the way. These echoing caves beneath the highlands are filled with giant cockroaches and cave bats that are quite happy to suck an adventurer's blood.

Deeper still within these damp caves are the ioqs, a species of grotesque, ape-like creatures that make their home in the lowest and largest chambers of Chorsha. Opposite the ioqs, on the western side of Chorsha the dreliths hold court. All but the strongest would do best to avoid these cousins to the caverns' ubiquitous cave newts. 

Leaving these deep caves is a challenge, for the primary shaft is far too narrow to make the climb back up, but rumors speak of a dwarven miner who can help lost adventurers find their way home.