Game Help

Imperian has hundreds of help files to help you learn more about the game and how to play.

17 Events and Special Activities

17.1  Quiz                 A fun out-of-character event.
  17.1.1  NewbieQuiz       A Quiz specifically for newbies.

17.2  Arena                 The Arena.
  17.2.1  ArenaRankings    Who wins the most in the arena?
  17.2.2  Queue             Start your own events!
  17.2.3  Artifact Rentals Want to test an artifact?

17.4  FreezeTag            A game of tag played in the Arena.
  17.4.1  ArrowTag          Shoot each other for fun!
  17.4.2  Soul Drain        Drain the souls of other players.

17.5  Frogbaiting         A game involving a giant frog and a dead fly.
17.6  FreeForAll          There can be only one.
17.7  Roulette            Make a fortune! Lose a fortune!

17.8  Chess               The noble game of King's Chess.
  17.8.1  ChessRules       The rules of King's Chess.

17.9  Lotteries           Buy lots of tickets. It's your turn to win!
17.10 Blackjack           All the cool people are playing it.

17.11 Gemhunt             A rare event involving a hunt for gems.
  17.11.1 Pighunt          The pigs are loose again!

17.12 Balanceofpower      Live as a Legend. Die as a Legend.
17.13 Tumblerace          Faster than a speeding snail you race hither.
17.14 CTF                 Capture the Flag!
17.15 KingGame            King of the Hill!
17.16 Foxandhounds        Fox and Hounds!
17.17 Bloodbaths          A bloody Free-for-all type game.
17.18 SparWho             Finding sparring partners.
17.19 Deathball           Get the guy with the ball!
17.20 Manhunt             A deadly bounty hunting game.
17.21 Avatar Challenge    Become all-powerful!
17.22 Scavenger Hunt      How many can you find?
17.23 TeamFFA             Team-based Free-for-all.
17.24 Iron Tickets        Iron Ticket Lotteries.

17.25 Cardtables          Playing any game of cards on the Card Table.
  17.25.1 Poker            Desert Poker.
  17.25.2 5Poker           Five Tower Poker.
  17.25.3 GoFish           Go Fish.
  17.25.4 Snap             Nogba Snap.
  17.25.5 Blackjack        Blackjack.

17.26 Shadow Lovers       Find the missing shadows!
  17.26.1 Soul Trap        A variation of Shadow Lovers.

17.27 Spheres             Avasyuvian Spheres, a game of life or death.
17.28 Memory Match        A battle of the wits and memory.
17.29 Champions           The Heralds of the Fourth Age.

17.30 Treasure Hunts      Find the treasure.
  17.30.1 Idols            Treasure Hunt Rewards.

17.31 Rainbows            Find rainbows!
17.32 Gladiators          Bet on gladiator fights in the arena.
17.33 Overrun             Will you be the last one standing?
17.34 WarZone             Fight against mobs in the arena for points.
17.35 Infestation         Seal the fissures from the Underworld.

17.36 Tournament of Ages  The annual Imperian tournament.
  17.36.1 Anniversary Art  Literary and Artist Submissions
  17.36.2 Behaviour        Important.

17.37 Tournament of Champions

17.38 Great Hunt          Experience contest.
  17.38.1 Horror Hunt      Variation of the Great Hunt.

17.39 Mouse Hunting       Catch those mice!
17.40 Random Encounters   Find a rare creature and win a special prize.
17.41 Level Challenge     A special promotion with a 1000 credit prize.

17.42 Fight Club          Fight battles, win prizes.
  17.42.1 Arena Heroes     Fight as someone else.

17.43 Snowstorms          Snowstorms and evil snowman bosses!
17.44 Treasure maps       Find amazing hidden treasure.

17.45 Torran's Drinking Game   Drink yourself to victory!

17.46 Hide Game           Hide from the bunnies!
17.47 Race Game           Run away from the bunnies.
17.48 Maze Game           Find your way out.