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Imperian has hundreds of help files to help you learn more about the game and how to play.


Mobiles (also referred to as NPCs (non-player-characters), or CCCs
(computer-controlled-characters)) can range from a worm to a dragon to a human
being to a talking sword. Their range of response to you could be anything
from ignoring you, to having something to say back to you, to attacking you.

Generally, the way you will get a mobile to talk to you is to GREET it.

Some mobiles in Imperian will become loyal to you in certain circumstances. If
a mobile is loyal to you, you may give it a variety of commands. These are:

ORDER <mobile> PASSIVE          Pacify an upset mobile.
ORDER <mobile> KILL <player>    Order a mobile to attempt to slay someone.
ORDER <mobile> FOLLOW <player>  Order a mobile to follow someone.
ORDER <mobile> CALM             If your mobile is panicking, this will calm it.
ORDER <mobile> DROP <whatever>  Order a mobile to drop something it is holding.

While not currently implemented, there are plans to eventually greatly expand
the range of response that a mobile has, as well as give them the ability to
initiate things. For instance, certain mobiles that you have really upset,
might see that you are online and decide to exact revenge. There you are,
relaxing in your house, when there is a light tap on the door. "Excuse me,"
says an unfamiliar voice, "but could I have a word with you?" Being the
gregarious person that you are, you obligingly open the door at which point
the ogre whose mother you insulted last week rips your arms off and beats you
to death with them. Fun!