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17.29 Champions of Mortalkind

Champions of mortalkind were discovered at the end of the Third Age, and were crucial in defending the world against the marauding armies of the Horde, Demons, and Undead. These Champions still exist, even in the Fourth Age, and continue to fight amongst themselves and prove their strength to the world.

A person may become a Champion by being sacrificed at his or her cult or sect altar, or at the ancient altar buried under the Shaahri desert. Additionally, a member of a cult or sect with an attached entity needs  to be present to perform the ritual. If a cult/sect altar is used, the sacrificer and the target both need to belong to that cult/sect.

Lie down upon the altar, and have the sacrificer say the phrase: "In the name of the all-powerful (name), I sacrifice thee for the sake of mortalkind", where (name) is the name of the entity attached to the sacrificer's cult or sect. For cults or sects without an entity, the sacrificer must say the phrase "In the name of (sect name), I sacrifice thee for the sake of mortalkind." The altar will shudder once this step has been performed properly. Then, the sacrificer needs to SACRIFICE <your name>.

View information about your personal champion rankings.

See lists of the top Champions for the current month.

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View a list of all current Champions.

CHALLENGE <player>
Champions can challenge each other to try to win bones (HELP PLAGUES). This can be done anywhere other than an arena (including the staging grounds). Accepting a challenge will take the two of you to an instance similar to the previous green shard instance where you can battle it  out. More champion bones than normal are available for the winner. The bones and the loser's corpse will follow the winner out of the instance (the corpse so you can take the bone from that if applicable).
If a player does not accept three challenges spread at least 24 hours apart from the same player, the challenging player will get a bone and the avoiding player will lose champion status. This counter can be reset by challenging the player who has challenged you previously.

Champion Rankings:
As you hunt creatures and kill other Champions, your Champion score will increase. These scores are considered "streak" scores, which counts how many kills you gain as a Champion before dying. If you die, your streak resets to 0, and your highest streak is counted for the Champion rankings. The highest ranked Champion in each category at the end of the month will receive a special honours line.                              

PK Rules:
Champions are considered to be a valid target for any person in Imperian, at any time, for any reason.


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