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17.36.1 Literary and artistic submissions


- Bardic work should be in TXT format. No rich text formats nor pasted directly
  into an email.
- Artisanal work should be in either JPG or PNG format, with a file size limit
  of 8 MB.
- When you submit an entry, you are saying:
  - That you were the original creator of the material, and
  - That there is no material in your submission that is copyrighted by anyone

If you submit material that you didn't create yourself, or that has been
copyrighted by someone else, your character or characters will be shrubbed. You
will also have BROKEN THE LAW: submitting someone else's copyrighted material
(or any intellectual property) is a violation of US and International law.



All submitted works of whatever nature become the sole property of Iron Realms
Entertainment, LLC, with all copyright assigned to Iron Realms Entertainment,

NOTE: The reason for this is that we wish to be eternally free to display
winning works on our website. If you still have a problem with this, consider
that the only works that will win are ones that have something to do with
Imperian, and you couldn't sell those anyway. We don't mind you also posting
the art or stories on your website however.