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There is a formal structure for teams that will be participating in the Tournament. Team leaders can add and remove people to their team, set members as active/inactive for the next match, and give their team a name.

There are two types of teams in the tournament; 4v4 and 2v2.

Each team can have a maximum of 8 people on 4v4 teams and 4 on 2v2 teams. Each team can only have, at most, 4 people active at one time (2 on a 2v2 team). This allows your team to maintain alternates should people from your team not show up.

Each member of your team who participates in a match will receive a participation point. If your team wins a match in tournament and receives a prize, the prize will be awarded amongst the team members participating in that match only. 

Team Commands
TEAM RANKINGS <2v2 or 4v4>                  List the current team rankings.
TEAM LIST <2v2 or 4v4>                      List all of the tournament teams.
TEAM SHOW <2v2 or 4v4>                      Show your current team(s)
TEAM CREATE <2v2 or 4v4> <team name>        Create your own team.
Team Leader Commands
TEAM NAME <2v2 or 4v4> <new name>           Change your team name.
TEAM ADDMEMBER <2v2 or 4v4> <member>        Add a member to your team.
TEAM REMOVEMEMBER <2v2 or 4v4> <member>     Remove a team member.
TEAM ACTIVATE <2v2 or 4v4> <member>         Activate a team member.
TEAM DEACTIVATE <2v2 or 4v4> <member>       Deactivate a team member.
TEAM DELETE <2v2 or 4v4>                    Remove your team for the tournament.

Note: Once the tournament starts you will no longer be able to add or remove members (the command will be disabled).

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