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17.32 Gladiators

From time to time the gladiator pits in the Coliseum will be open for betting on some bloodthirsty battles.

In order to bet on a battle, you will need to get a betting ticket, a voucher, or gold. With any of these items, you can wager on one of the gladiators in the arena. You can begin betting on gladiators at 5 and 35 minutes past the hour (real life time). There are two fights every hour. The fights begin at the top of every hour and at the 30-minute mark.

Tickets will return a credit reward. Vouchers are worth a 1000 gold bet each. 

You can find the pits with the command PATH FIND GLADIATORS.

View how many tickets you have available for betting.

View the gladiators you can bet on, the weapon they will use in the next battle, and their odds to Win (come 1st), Place (come 2nd or higher) or Show (come 3rd or higher). It will also show you the return per ticket for betting on that gladiator. If the match has already ended, it will tell you the final placing.

The 'points' column is a tally of points that gladiator has earned over time.

This will allow you to see the estimated winnings for each gladiator, should you wager on them to win, place, or show. Vouchers are worth 1,000 gold each and don't have their own command to view values.

Only usable if there is a fight currently happening. This will display who is left alive in the pit and who is not.

An overview of your current bets for this match.

Cancels all of your bets on the current match. Cannot be used once a match has started.

Place a bet on a gladiator to win, place or show. You cannot wager more than 100,000 gold on a single gladiator.

Winning means that the gladiator will come in exactly first place.
Placing means that the gladiator will come in second place, or better.
Showing means that the gladiator will come in third place, or better.

The gladiator LIST command will show the odds each gladiator has of winning, placing or showing, as well as the credit return per ticket for betting on that gladiator.