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17.2 The Arena

The Arena is a place where the mortals of Imperian may fight on a level playing field with no outside interference. Character fighting in the arena will still gain experience when killing other players and items will be used up. 

To use the Arena, one must journey to the Coliseum, near the Nogba Wetlands, and there find the Arena Staging Ground. Once there, you may CHALLENGE <player>. The player you challenge must also be in that room. In order to use the Arena, each of you will have to have five times your level in gold in your inventory. This is the fee that the God charges for the privilege of using his Arena. You must be of at least level 10 to use the Arena.

The Arena is also used for a number of events, such as Freezetag, Bait-the-Frog, and Free-for-all. While any of these events are going on, ES, or EVENTSTATUS will give you some information about the event. Additionally, if you go to the spectator stands in the Arena (located up from of the Arena staging area), you may DIAGNOSE (or just DIAG) any player currently participating, in order to see what afflictions he or she has.

Command summary:
CHALLENGE <player>
Challenges a player to a duel.

DIAGNOSE <player>
Diagnose a player's afflictions. Only works on players currently in the Arena.

Get some information on whatever event (if any) is currently taking place in the Arena.

Leave the Arena without finishing the event.