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24.28 Stockings

Stocking are unique items you can purchase from our website and HANG for you or your friends. 

Once hung, Ironbeard will show up around midnight each day. Stockings come in 4 varieties: Festive, Fancy, Grand, and Extravagant. Each stocking tier containing higher and higher values of gifts inside! That's not to say that you'll luck out if you stick with the Festive stockings, as they have a chance to contain the higher tiered gifts.

For every 5 stockings of each type you purchase, you'll receive either a gold or platinum stocking of that tier. If you purchase 5 fancy stockings, you'll get a gold (or platinum) fancy stocking. These special versions contain double the reward value as the regular versions.

Gold stockings will be filled on December 25th. Platinum stockings will be  filled January 1st. Unhung gold stockings will be converted to platinum versions after December 25. These tallies count over multiple purchases, so if you purchase 5 single stockings over the month, you'll get a special version with your 5th purchase.

Finally every hundred or so stocking that are opened, one lucky player will get a stocking loaded with a TON of extra goodies.

See all of the stockings you have hung.

OPEN <stocking>
Open your stocking for a fantastic surprise.

Hang a stocking for yourself in the room you are currently in. It will be filled with a surprise at midnight!

You can also hang stockings for other players. If you don't want them to know who it is from add ANONYMOUS to the end of the command.

Claim any stockings that have not been opened (but have been hanged) during the duration of the promotion.

Multi-faceted Gems

With the release of the goggles and the amulet, all stocking have a chance to have a bonus item this year. See HELP GOGGLES, AMULETS, and SCEPTERS for more information.

If you do not currently have a crystalline snowglobe, you will receive one instead of a gem.

- Normal stockings have about a 20% chance for a bonus gem.
- Fancy stockings have about a 50% chance for a bonus gem.
- Grand and Extravagant stockings will always have a gem in them.

Unique Stocking Prizes

A sparkling pinecone candle
LIGHT and EXTINGUISH CANDLE. A lit candle will catch anyone entering the room on fire.

A talisman of carved deer antler
Grants you the CALL ability. Will last for an hour or until you die. Item will be consumed upon use.

A small gleaming stone
You can CRUSH this stone and give yourself a permanent 5% bashing damage bonus.

A glittery golden beard
You can YANK <target> from an adjacent room.

An itchy and unattractive sweater
A slight blunt and cutting damage resistance when worn. Can be used with other armour.

A silver battlecage
Battle it out with the holiday brothers themselves, Silverbeard and Ironbeard! 
   - DROP the cage to prepare the game for players. 
   - Each player (up to 2) will TAP the cage to begin the battle. 
   - When it is your turn, PUSH or PULL the battlecage to have your figurine take a swing at their              
     opponent! Your attack has a chance of scoring 1, 2, or 3 points, at random. 
   - If a player does not take their turn within one minute, the game resets and the other player is 
     crowned the winner! 
   - If the owner of the battlecage wants to end a game prematurely, they can TURN the battlecage. 
     Don't forget to retrieve it from the ground, too!

Note: You will only receive a beard, sweater or battlecage if you do not have one in your inventory currently.

Existing Artifacts Sorted By Value

An asterisk (*) denotes new additions this year. Details can be found in this scroll or with ARTIFACT <id> SHOW.

  id   name
  ---  -------------------------------------------
       5 credits
       a sparkling pinecone candle
       a talisman of carved deer antler
       a small gleaming stone
       a silver battlecage
       5 Gladiator tickets
       a random familiar
       an ethereal chain
       an Emote token
       a glittery golden beard
       an itchy and unattractive sweater
*      a title token (HELP TITLE TOKENS)
  205  a glowing soulstone
  105  a silver leash

       One chance of a cairn stone. See HELP CAIRN:
* 369  a grey stone
* 378  a cobalt stone
* 379  an amber stone
* 380  an onyx stone
* 401  a crimson stone

       One chance of an artifact vial:
* 185  an elegant diamond vial
* 186  a quartz vial
* 187  a glass vial
* 188  a moonstone vial
* 189  a jade vial
* 190  an emerald vial
* 191  a ruby vial
* 192  a peridot vial
* 193  an amethyst vial
* 194  a garnet vial
* 195  an onyx vial

  162  ivory associates [associates_1]
  154  tempering the tempest [ignore_wind]
  135  a pair of ivory dice
  175  greasy siege [siege_move]
  251  a bookbinder's trinket
  168  caravan convoy [caravan_speed]
  156  a dragonskin quiver
  207  a vorpal key
  247  ritual sacrifice [increase_belief]
  264  Malleable Honor [malleable_honor]
  157  a dagger of reincarnation
  244  a translucent glass box
  262  a Stone of Gender Switching
  143  celerity [walk_speed]
  152  Dashing [dash]
  145  obfuscation observation [shroud]
  141  lamiran lover [breathe_underwater]
  249  sneaky lips [lipread]
  179  ivory honors [hide_might]
  137  wolverine's claws
  174  steel siege [siege_build]
  182  a Collar of Taming
* 221  a vialbelt of truesilver kegs
  245  ebony associates [associates_2]
  216  botanical bounty [find_plants]
  260  a truesilver lumberjack's axe
* 386  a vialbelt of mithril kegs
  236  gossamer thread [reduce_vulnerability]
  74   fire attack [critical_1]
  164  a clay flowerpot
  144  suppressed summary [no_description]
  84   a wand of reflection
  180  a Vorpal Knife
  138  litany of liturgy [reduce_belief]
  57   a Heartwood Bow
  173  acuity of vision [acuity]
  172  harvester [harvest]
  146  a pair of Renascent Armguards
  98   invigorating vitality [regen_health_1]
  100  silver rejuvenation [regen_mana_1]
  248  scouting [scout]
  226  feather catch [arrowcatch]
  163  Sneaky Saboteur [wormhole_warp]
  150  a Horn of Terror
  87   silver energy [health_mana_1]
  159  lifevision [lifevision]
  69   a deep red boomerang
  229  a wrist-sheathed toolkit
  171  cloaking cover [hide_presence]
  70   a scorpion's tail
* 268  a vibrating stone of divine attunement
  108  hunter's constitution [stat_con_1]
  106  ogre's strength [stat_str_1]
  86   a Golden Lyre of Shallah
  222  vapor filteri [reduce_smoking]
  111  scholar's acumen [stat_int_1]
  114  pixies' deftness [stat_dex_1]
  223  premium aegis [shield_health]
  217  Sukhder's fortune [mana_sip_1]
  103  steelweave veneer [resist_physical]
  133  a pair of Orphanim Angel wings
  96   antithesis of the web [ignore_web]
  160  a wand of portals
* 102  stone weight [mass]
  149  quickened ruminations [reduce_equilibrium]
  153  transmutation [reincarnate_2]
  218  Moradeim's favour [mana_sip_2]
* 224  a stone figurine
  254  a small tent