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7.18 Liquid Rifts

The liquid rift is an innate ability that all adventurers possess, similar to a rift (HELP RIFT). It allows one to store liquids for future use, removing the need to carry large numbers of flasks or vials to carry large amounts of the myriad fluids that are used for curing and envenoming.

While the liquid rift is inherent in all mortals, access to it is not. One must be in possession of a vialbelt to access it. Vialbelts can be crafted by tailors, found in many stores, or purchased as artifacts.

The liquid rift also serves as a fabulous convenience when a container is emptied! When you use the last sip of any vial that you have fluid for in your liquid rift, the vial will be automatically refilled from the rift. You may even milk toxins directly into your rift!

Commands (use LIQUIDRIFT or LR for a syntax reminder!):
 - LIQUIDRIFT SUMMARY [ELIXIRS/SALVES/TOXINS]: List the contents of your liquid rift
 - LIQUIDRIFT FILL [amount] FROM <container>: Use this to fill your liquid rift from a container. When refilling from a flask in a shop, use the same syntax that you would for filling a vial. (REFILL RIFT FROM <container>).
 - LIQUIDRIFT TAP <vial> <fluid>: Fill a vial for the first time.
 - LIQUIDRIFT TAP EMPTY <list of fluids>: Fill multiple empty vials at once with the specified fluids
 - REFILL RIFT FROM <flask> : Allows you to refill a vialbelt from a flask being sold in a shop.
For historical reasons, the following commands allow you to interact with old vialbelts that contain fluids:
 - VIALBELT SUMMARY [ELIXIRS/SALVES/TOXINS]: List your belts and what's in them.
 - VIALBELT PURGE <belt> <slot/all>: Empty a slot on your belt. Be careful!
 - VIALBELT TRANSFER <slot/all> FROM <vialbelt>: Transfer one or more slots from a vialbelt to your liquid rift.