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Rising from the ashes of the Phantoms, the Saboteurs were founded by a prominent
Assassin named Insidian. Kinsarmar's early attempt at an espionage organization, 
was destroyed by faction politics. In the infamous Night of Sabotage, Insidian's followers were able to kill off those Phantoms that stood against them. Allowing him to create the Saboteurs in the year 1413 AA.

Serving the Stavennite Empire throughout the ages, they shifted their home to Khandava after its fall to demonic taint. Deriving power from the twisted energies emanating from the Leechwood, as well as the magicks of the Empire, they guard both with deadly fervour. They trade in assassination and espionage; toxins, dark magick, and ruthlessness their primary tools.

No avenue is too dark for their studies, and no path is forbidden. Ever open to new sources of power, it was them who discovered the power inherent in taint, teaching it to others with the help of their researcher, Quas, a man cursed to see the movements of the demonic plane alongside our own.

From the Phantoms they took the art of Sabotage, and combined it with Insidian's new methods of Hypnosis. Pioneering the study of Spatium, they use demonic energy to alter space itself. Summoners among their ranks have knowledge of Noctu, as well as the enchanted Tarot cards. The truly skilled will even forge pacts with the Demon Lords to summon assistance from the demonic realm.