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6.11 Shop Keeping

Owning a shop in Imperian can be quite prosperous, but you'll want to know a few things in order to use it efficiently. For a full list of commands you can look at HELP SHOP COMMANDS.

In order to sell items, you will need to utilise the shelves in your shop. Shelves are containers which store the items for sale. There are 3 unique shelves that will be covered later. Each shelf can hold up to 50 items.



It has slightly different meaning if you use the 'single', 'shelf' or 'all' keyword before the item. If SINGLE is used, it will price only the first item it finds, and it will mark that item as being for sale individually (it won't group with like items). The ALL keyword will find all matching items on all shelves and price them the same (this also removes the single-sale flag).

The ALLSINGLE keyword will behave similarly to ALL, however all items priced with it will be marked for individual sale and well show up separately on wares. This is primarily used for forged goods to allow them to be weaponprobed. The SHELF keyword will only price similar items on the same shelf as that item. To price alike items (except for those marked for individual sale) on all shelves, simply omit both keywords.

Say you have 4 longswords, with 2 on each of two shelves:

PRICE ALL LONGSWORD 2000 - Price all longswords at 2000 gold
      PRICE SINGLE LONGSWORD1234 3000  - An exemplary longsword
      PRICE SHELF LONGSWORD5678 2500   - Price the 2 on the other shelf

If you are skilled in Tailoring, Jewelry, Woodcrafting, Cooking, Masonry or Metalworking you are able to place your approved tradeskill design on the shelf. Crafting shelves allows a shopkeeper to sell craftable designs without having to make the product before hand. 

Crafter shelves will make use of commodities stored in the Shop Cache.


Animal Pens allow a shop keeper to sell tameable creatures.


Herb Barrels allow shop keepers to store up to 50,000 units of a single herb for purchase. In order to utilise a herb barrel, you will need to stock it with a plant of your choice and then place it on a shelf. The price associated with the barrel is the purchase price for a single plant. The price is automatically multiplied by the amount bought.

Specific commands:

SHOP PURCHASE BARREL -        Costs 100000 gold and the barrel appears on
                              the shop floor.                              
PUT # <PLANTTYPE> IN BARREL - Fill your barrel with herbs.
PUT BARREL# ON SHELF -        Place the barrel on a shelf so the contents can 
                              be priced.
PRICE <PLANTTYPE> -           Pricing commands are otherwise exactly the same
PRICE <BARREL#>               pricing items on shelves. 

Bars allow shop keepers to sell "refills" of drinks in their shop in an on demand basis rather than having to stock containers of drinks beforehand.

SHOP SECURITY:           
There are unscrupulous characters out there that will do nothing more than try to rob your shop. Although it is very difficult due to the various provisions put in place by the Garden to protect you, it is always best to take a few precautions while in your storeroom.

Keep your shop protected from portals and other teleportation skills. This may involve using consecrations, tuning forks, hazeward stones or sigils.

Change the keys and locks on your storeroom often. This is to prevent anyone from making a copy of your key and accessing the store without your permission.

- If you wish to share your shop with your friends, you may do ALLYSHOP while in your stockroom, in order to allow those on your allies list to use the PRICE command in your shop. UNALLYSHOP will allow only yourself to use the shop.
 - ALLYSHOP ACTIVATE: Turns on your shop allies.
 - ALLYSHOP ADD <player>: Adds a player to your shop allies.
 - ALLYSHOP REMOVE <player>: Removes a player from your shop allies.
 - ALLYSHOP LIST: Shows who all is allied to your shop.
 - UNALLYSHOP: Disables your entire shop allies list.

- When someone purchases something from your shop, the gold will be deposited in a secure vault in your storeroom. You will be able to check the contents of the vault with SHOP FUNDS from the shop or the stockroom. The vault can be withdrawn from with SHOP WITHDRAW <gold>. Shop allies must be in the stock room to use these commands.

- Also whenever anything is purchased from your shop a line will be added to the shop's records detailing at what time the purchase occurred, what was bought, and how much was paid for it. This record can be perused from within your shop with the SHOP LOG command, and it extends back for the last 100 transactions. You may add notes to your shop's log with SHOP WRITELOG <note>.

- Your shop will cost the city it is in money to pay for guards to keep thieves and brigands out of your shop. As such, the city may decide to tax your shop. If you type CITY SHOP INFO while standing in your shop, you will be able to see what taxes you owe on your shop.

- You may pay your taxes by typing CITY PAY TAXES while standing in your shop, with the gold in your hands.

- You may pay your taxes AUTOMATICALLY from your bank account by typing CONFIG SHOP AUTOPAY ON. You can also change the maximum amount of taxes that you will automatically pay with CONFIG SHOP MAXTAX <amount>.

- You may add and remove locks to the doors in your shop with SHOP ADD LOCK <dir> and SHOP REMOVE LOCK <dir>. Adding a lock costs 1000 gold.

- You may fashion a key to work on a lock in your shop with SHOP LOCKWORK <key> <dir>. You can get a blank key from any locksmith with 1000 gold and the REQUEST KEY command. Keys purchased in this manner will be loyal to you.

- You may sell your shop to another player in the shop with you by doing SELL SHOP TO <player> FOR <x> GOLD. The player will be asked for confirmation, and if he has the gold, the gold will be transferred to your inventory. Be sure to give the new owner your keys.

- You can hire an NPC shopkeeper with the command SHOP HIRE SHOPKEEPER. You can have them customised with the CUSTOMISE command. They cost 500,000 gold. You can fire them with the SHOP FIRE SHOPKEEPER command.

- You can hire an humgii, ibex, or gremlin to hang out in your shop. This costs 250,000 gold. Use the commands SHOP HIRE <humgii|ibex|gremlin> and SHOP FIRE <humgii|ibex|gremlin> to manage them.