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20.2.2 How to design your pattern

Welcome to Crafting! What follows is a step by step description of how to design your very own thing. Let's walk you through making an item, as it can be confusing your first time around! I think a quiver would be lovely, so let's make 'a simple metal quiver' together.
1) To begin with, you will want to check out PATTERN LIST. This will bring up a list of every item type you can design from.
In each row, you will notice an ID number, a Tradeskill, and then a pattern Name. You can use any of these as filters for finding the design you want! Let's say, for instance, you only want to see designs in Tailoring. Using the command PATTERN LIST TRADESKILL TAILORING will filter out all designs except those in Tailoring.
This can be used to search for the item type you would like as well. Trying PATTERN LIST NAME QUIVER will give you the three quiver designs available: tailoring, metalworking, and woodcrafting! Be sure to pick the appropriate item and tradeskill. A quiver made out of iron shouldn't be submitted to Woodcrafting!
Once you have decided upon what you would like to make, you will then need to use the command DESIGN NEW #. The number you use is listed under the ID column when you check the Pattern List. All new designs cost 200 gold to create, and must be in your inventory.
2) Continuing with making our quiver, once you have selected the appropriate pattern, you will see this: Created Tailoring design #7570 from pattern "quiver." The 'design number' will change with each new item you make. Keep this number in mind as you design; you will need it for the following commands!
3) Customize your pattern's appearance when carried, when viewed in a room, and when examined closely:                                    	
  	DESIGN <#> SET APPEARANCE <description>
  	DESIGN <#> SET DROPPED  <description>
  	DESIGN <#> SET EXAMINED (this will take you into the Imperian editor)
Remember the number you received when creating the design initially? For our quiver, you would use 'DESIGN 7570 SET APPEARANCE a simple metal quiver' to set your appearance! There are a variety of DESIGN commands you can do, and these can always be checked by simply typing in DESIGN if you ever forget a syntax.

Keep in mind when setting the appearance that you have up to 50 characters to work with! The dropped and examine are more flexible in their length. Try to keep your dropped description to a single sentence for clarity. The minimum for your examined descriptions must be a single, complete sentence, though at least two is preferred. These sentences should give a physical description of the item, without explaining the process by which it was made, or other specifics that are not immediately obvious on inspection. 
If you don't have time to complete your design, or feel it isn't ready to submit just yet, you can always check your DESIGN LIST at a later date! Your DESIGN LIST can be filtered just like the PATTERN LIST could, using variables such as Tradeskill, Appearance, and Status. Since we decided not to finish our quiver at this exact moment, we can always find it again with DESIGN LIST STATUS UNSUBMITTED.
4) Once you have everything you need, use DESIGN <#> to proofread your work! If you are certain everything is in order, you can DESIGN <#> SUBMIT to the crafting guild! You will need to have 100 gold out to submit your design. 

Remember though, proofread, proofread, proofread!

Good luck!